Living the Life at Half Price

Living the Life at Half Price

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Discount at AMC Movies!

Growing up, my mother would always buy at least one Entertainment Book every year.  For those of you who aren't familiar with it, the Entertainment Book is this thick book of coupons for local businesses that comes out annually.  It usually costs $35 (but you can currently get it for $17.50 on their site).  Anyway, while we usually would only utilize a handful of the coupons in the book, my family would more than make back the money spent on the book through its movie coupons.  It would always provide coupons for local movie theaters for a substantial discount (somewhere in the ballpark of $5 off, give or take).  However, as the years have progressed, the Entertainment Book has included less and less movie coupons, and smaller discounts.  And this year, there are no AMC coupons (the theater I most often frequent)! 
So what's a girl to do when there are no coupons left?  I'm certainly not going to pay full price ($13--can you believe how expensive movie tickets are these days?!?!?).  Instead, I'm going to purchase a few 4-packs of the AMC Gold Experience courtesy of Goldstar.  Goldstar is offering these 4-packs for $30 plus a $4.50 service fee.  That works out to $8.63 per ticket.  The tickets never expire and I believe they can be used at any AMC theater nationwide.  However, this package is only available for purchase until tomorrow, March 2, at 11 am, so act fast!

(For those of  you unfamiliar with Goldstar, it is a service that provides discounts for local events or ticketed experiences, like plays, booze cruises, museums, concerts, etc.  Sometimes I have found better deals elsewhere, but not always, and it's a good way to learn about events going on around the city.  It's definitely worth checking out!)

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