Living the Life at Half Price

Living the Life at Half Price

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Deal of the Day- $19 Mani/Pedi from Groupon!

Today's Deal of the Day is a $19 Mani/Pedi at Black Label Nails, courtesy of Groupon.  The salon is located at 318 Lexington Ave., between 38th and 39th Street in Murray Hill.  It got great reviews on Yelp, and based on its website's pictures, the salon looks very cute-- not your typical nail salon.  You can find similar deals throughout the city--it may take some searching, but I think it's possible.  However, I doubt those places will be nearly as nice as Black Label.  According to their Yelp profile, the salon strives to be a "high-end nail salon with reasonable price(s)" and it places high importance on hygiene and sanitation, providing each manicure customer with a new nail file and sanding block.  $19 for a mani/pedi at a place like this really is a bargain!  I'm definitely going to purchase the Groupon for this deal, and you should too!

Photos from Black Label Nails

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