Living the Life at Half Price

Living the Life at Half Price

Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Better Deal- Numero 28 Pizza Napoletana

Today's Better Deal is for Numero 28 Pizza Napoletana in the East Village.  The two deals for this restaurant are from Scoop St and from  Scoop St is offering a deal for $25, which includes any appetizer, any 18" pizza, and 2 glasses of wine or dessert.  Considering that an 18 inch pizza by itself costs $18-$26, this is a pretty good deal (especially if you choose the more expensive options, which would be around $50 in total).

50% Off Numero 28 Napoletana Pizzeria
Photo courtesy of Scoop St
The other deal, as usual, is from, which is offering a $25 voucher for $15.  However, if you read this blog often, you will know that you should NEVER pay full price on, since they very frequently offer 80% off promo codes.  Right now, the promo code is "DINE," and is good through Monday, Feb. 28.  With the promo code, you'd only pay $3 for a $25 voucher.

So which is the better deal?  Well with the Scoop St offer, you can potentially get a $25 discount, but only if you order the most expensive options.  You're also limited to getting the app/pizza combo.  Lastly, you're investing more for this voucher than you would with  On the other hand, the certificate provides a $22 discount (as long as you buy with the 80% off promo), but gives you flexibility to order whatever you want.  I think wins this contest, though it was definitely a close call!

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