Living the Life at Half Price

Living the Life at Half Price

Monday, October 3, 2011

Deep Discounts at the Bloomie's F&F Sale!

I know that over a month ago I promised you that I was back and that I'd be writing regularly, and then you didn't hear from me again until now. For that I apologize- I have no excuse. But I will try harder to keep my promises from here on out. And in case you were worrying, just because I haven't been writing about deals doesn't mean I haven't out scouting and utilizing new deals! In fact, since we last spoke I have been busy scoring discounts on clothing, dining, and even hotels! I'll tell you about all if that, but today I wanted to brag about my mini-success at the Bloomingdale's friends and family sale, which ends today (so if you haven't gone yet, today is your last chance!).

Nanette Lepore dress on sale for $147 at Revolve Clothing
Overall, sometimes I think the F&F sale isn't worth the hassle- Bloomie's gets insanely crowded and there are a lot of designer exclusions. However, who am I to turn my nose up at 20 percent? The real deals are found when you score something that's already been reduced. Since I only went yesterday, the penultimate day of the sale, the sale selection was pretty meager (I assume there was much more at the beginning, but I could be wrong). I did spot that Rebecca Taylor dress I had been lusting after, discounted to $241 (less 30 percent and less the F&F discount). I was pretty peeved that they didn't have my size and spent 15 minutes unsuccessfully trying to convince myself that the next size up looked good on me (it didn't). However, I did spot a cute Nanette Lepore dress, which was originally $298.  After discounts, I figured the dress would come out to about $100, which I was pretty stoked about. When it rang up at $53, I was thrilled. Now, discounts this steep don't come with current fall merchandise; this dress is unmistakably a summer dress (unlike the Rebecca Taylor, which I think can be camouflaged for fall). But at $53, it's definitely worth it, and now I have a new dress to bring on my trip to Costa Rica in December, so thank you Bloomingdales!*

*NB-- I had especially been looking forward to this sale because I had planned on finally purchasing the Ippolita bracelets I had obsessed over mentioned this summer. Unfortunately, Ippolita was excluded from this sale, but I'm still hopeful that the Saks sale will include it, as it did last year.

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