Living the Life at Half Price

Living the Life at Half Price

Monday, May 16, 2011

I've Got a Theory (Sample Sale!)

Sorry for the cheesy title, but it gets the point across, right?  Anyway, I wanted to alert you to the sample sale for my go-to suit/work clothes designer (no one makes pants that are as flattering as Theory's).  I'm feeling lazy, so look  below for details.  I always do pretty well at the Theory sample sale--there's usually a pretty large inventory and prices are lower than you'll find anywhere else.  At past sales, suit jackets were usually about $150, pants $90, skirts $40 (I could be off a little, but you get the general idea).  Considering that a normal Theory suit jacket is about $375 and pants are $245, it's a pretty significant discount.  I've even seen current season styles at the sample sale, so if you're a fan of Theory, it's definitely worth a visit. Just keep in mind that it gets pretty crowded after work, so be prepared to wait on line for the (communal) dressing room.  And keep your eyes open for defects in the clothing (I was NOT happy last year when I bought a skirt and somehow missed the huge hole, which my client pointed out to me at work).

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