Living the Life at Half Price

Living the Life at Half Price

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Loehmann's Love!

One of my favorite places in the city to score discount designer goods is Loehmann's.  Unfortunately, because its locations in Chelsea and the Upper West Side aren't that convenient to my apartment, I don't visit it too frequently.  However, I had recently received online coupons for $25 off a purchase of $100+ or $10 off of a $50+ purchase, which expired yesterday, so I decided to trek out to Chelsea and see if I could find myself that elusive pair of flattering skinny jeans (elusive for me at least).  I was very pleasantly surprised when I arrived to find that all Paige jeans (my favorite denim brand) were only $54.99.  I've never seen Paige jeans that cheap.  They had a decent selection (a lot of flares though--I wonder if they're really going to come back in style).  I wound up buying a pair of Paige Skyline jeans, which I think I really bought for the price and not the fit.  I also bought a pair of Joe's Jeans for $80.  Loehmann's was also selling Sevens for $99, J Brand for $80, and a few other brands for which I don't remember the prices (William Rast, Hudson, James, Rich & Skinny, etc).  Nothing was priced as well as the Paige though.

These are similar to the Joe's Jeans I bought, except since I'm short, the jeans are not actually cropped on me.   My vertical challenged-ness is one of the major reasons why it's so hard to find skinny jeans that look good!  I'm debating actually paying full price and trying the Paige Petite line at Bloomingdale's, though they  never have a big selection.  It's not easy being short!  Sorry for the insanely long caption--just needed to vent!
My main mission yesterday was to buy jeans, so I pretty much focused on that.  There was a good selection of other clothing though.  I almost bought an Ella Moss dress for $39, and I bought a C&C shirt for only $15.  For some reason I couldn't find any Theory yesterday, but they usually have a pretty good selection.  I was also impressed with the Cynthia Steffe selection, and had to force myself to say no to a $129 cocktail dress (which I really don't need) that I had recently been eying at Bloomies for around $350.

All in all, I was pretty successful (though it remains to be seen if I keep the Paige jeans).  I do want to explain to you why I prefer Loehmann's over stores like Filene's, Century 21, or Nordstrom Rack.  In general, I find that Loehmann's prices are lower on some items than the other stores.  On top of that, if you sign up for their free loyalty program (the Insider's Club), they email and mail you coupons, like the ones I used.  They also often have frequent promotions for 10% off the entire store, and do the same on many holidays, making the prices even better.

So, that is why I heart Loehmann's, and am waiting for the day when they open on the East Side!

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  1. Don't forget that they made you late, which almost prevented you from getting your brand new iPhone last night! Mobile DSD posts coming soon???