Living the Life at Half Price

Living the Life at Half Price

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Amazing Amazon--Not Just for Books!

In the last year or so, I've developed a pretty big crush on  I prefer it immensely over Zappos for a number of reasons.  My first three issues have to do with price: shoes on Zappos are slower to go on sale than anywhere else, Zappos rarely has any promotions, and Zappos doesn't participate in any rebate programs such as Ebates or Mr. Rebates (which is just like Ebates), while all the other big online shoe retailers do.  In addition, they are often out of my size--also pretty important.

Courtesy of Endless
In my opinion, Endless has the best deals out of these sites, at least when taking into account the selection.  For instance, or both offer frequent discounts and lower prices, but the styles aren't as current, and the brand selection tends to be more low end.  I've also come to find that Endless has a very good bag selection, and they often are significantly discounted.  You may recall that I purchased a Lauren Merkin "Allie" clutch through Endless that was about $50 less than the sample sale price.  You have to admit, that's pretty good.  So, when I was in the market for yet another LM clutch--the Tatum Raffia clutch (I know, I have a problem), I turned to Endless first.  And I found that again, the bag was on sale.  Instead of the retail price of $275, the bag was on sale for $235.  Combined with a 10% rebate from Mr. Rebates, that's a pretty good deal.  

But of course, I always make sure to do my due diligence--I am a lawyer after all.  And what did I find?  The same bag on for $207!  Sorry Endless, not going to be making a purchase from you today, but I will be back!  To sweeten the deal, upon checking out I learned that there was a promotion on Amazon for 20% off purchases over $75 which I somehow missed when I found the bag there.  So the total?  About $180 after tax.  I'm patting myself on my back right now, if you couldn't tell.

Sorry to make a short story long, but the lesson here is don't be lazy and do your research!  A 5 minute search on Google saved me over $100.  Yes, my time is valuable, but not that valuable, and my guess is yours isn't either!  The other lesson is, Amazon isn't just for books.  I'm going to be keeping my eye open there for that Tory Burch bag I'm considering!

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